Our CBD oil journey started about a year ago.  I was told Vance's liver would be shot by time he's 25.  The medicine that I had to put him on to keep him in school, was going to ruin his liver and kidneys.  I did not take that information lightly.  Vance was diagnosed with Autism severe ADHD OCD and ADD, not Cancer, he could live to be a 100.  And I'm killing his liver???  As a Mom, this was an awful feeling.  


I started really researching medical marijuana and CBD oil.  I believe in both and I wanted what would work best for Vance.  I didn't think he needed THC, for what we wanted to achieve, I felt confident that CBD oil would work.  


Then I heard of FLA420 in Daytona Beach. My sister in law and I, after endless talks, decided to drive over and check it out.  And boy am I glad that we did.  Vance is 10 years old.


Vance started the FLA420 CBD oil in August.  It has absolutely changed his life.  His behavior has gone from a 10 all the time, to a 5, most of the time.  I have successfully weaned him off of 75 milligrams of wellbutrin a day and 4 milligrams of Tenex a day.  


The FLA420 brand is 60 mg per one ml.  I couldn't find a stronger oil on the market.  Vance currently takes drops twice a day with two of our 30 mg gummy bears during the day.  


Vance stays on an even keel now vs the highs and lows.  He started writing well this year.  He's reading this year.  He's able to do age appropriate activities.  I could go on and on.  


I believe in the product so much, I found myself sending business, a lot of business to the Daytona Beach location.  Then I thought I would love to help people in the Autism community and people on pain pills, etc.....


My sister in law and my friend Peter believed in me and the product and we went for it. 


We're currently helping over 50 plus clients and we look forward to helping you.